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Twitter Integration

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service. When your source code is updated, this integration will tweet about the update as seen below:
Twitter Example.png
By default, tweets will be sent out for the latest 5 commits in the push, but you can choose to send out a single summary tweet for each push instead.

Getting Started

To setup this integration:
  1. Navigate to the Project Settings Tab
  2. Click on the Services section
  3. Select Twitter from the list of available services
  4. Click connect your Twitter account
  5. Enter the Twitter Credentials for the account you would like tweets to be made as
  6. Click Authorize app
  7. Navigate back to the Twitter section of the CodePlex services page
  8. Enable the Code Changes Integration
  9. If you would like summary tweets to be sent, check the Send Summary Tweet check box
  10. Save the integration

Using this integration

To use this integration, simply push commits to your project.
If your source control is based in TFS, each check-in will be treated as a push with a single commit.

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