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Trello Integration

Trello is an online list based project management service. This integration will allow you to comment on Trello cards directly from your commit messages. For example, if you include "Trello #15" in your commit message, a summary of the commit will be added to the Trello card #15 when the commit is pushed to CodePlex.

Trello Card Example.png

Getting Started

To setup this integration:
  1. Navigate to the Project Settings Tab
  2. Click on the Services section
  3. Select Trello from the list of available services
  4. Click connect your Trello account
  5. Log into Trello with the account you would like comments to be posted under
  6. Click Allow
  7. Navigate to the Trello board you would like to reference cards on
  8. Copy the Board ID. This is found in the URL. For example, if the URL is "", your board ID is 6rp6W3qy.
  9. Navigate back to the Trello section of the CodePlex services page
  10. Enable the Code Changes Integration
  11. Paste the board ID into the page
  12. Save the integration

Using the Trello Integration

To specify which card you would like the comment added to, include the syntax "Trello #{card ID number}" in your commit message. Where the {card ID number} is found in the bottom right of the Trello card.

Trello Card ID.png

This summary that is added to the Trello card will include the commiter's name, the commit message, and a link to the commit on CodePlex.

Multiple Trello Cards

You can reference multiple Trello cards by separating the card ID numbers by commas. For example, if a commit message contains "Trello #23,24", a summary of the commit will be added to both of those cards.

Archive Cards

You can archive a Trello card directly from a commit message. For example, if you type "Trello Archive #23" in your commit message, Trello card #23 will have the commit summary added as a comment and it will be archived.

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