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Windows Live™ ID Support

The #2 requested feature for CodePlex has been to support logging in using your Windows Live™ ID account. We’re happy to say, that with this release this is now possible! The next time you visit the login screen, you’ll see a “Sign In” button at the top.


Once that button is clicked, you’ll be redirected to Windows Live™ ID to authenticate. Upon successfully authenticating, you’ll be redirected back to CodePlex. When you return to CodePlex, you’ll be prompted to login with your CodePlex credentials to associate your Windows Live™ ID account to your CodePlex account.


A quick Q&A that should answer the most important questions:

Q: Why do I still need a CodePlex account?
A: We still require a CodePlex account to successfully authenticate with the source control servers.

Q: Can I use my Windows Live™ ID login when connecting to TFS or Mercurial?
A: No. Both TFS and Mercurial require Active Directory credentials to verify your identity.

Q: Will I have to still log in with my CodePlex credentials every time I authenticate with Windows Live™ ID?
A: No. This one-time operation is required to associate your Windows Live™ ID account with a CodePlex account. Successive authentications with Windows Live™ ID will automatically authenticate you with CodePlex.

Q: I’m a new user and would like to authenticate with Windows Live™ ID. Do I first need to register with CodePlex and later associate it with my Windows Live™ ID account?
A: No. You can click the Sign In with Windows Live™ ID button on the user registration page. Upon authenticating with Windows Live™ ID, you’ll be redirected back to CodePlex to complete your user registration.

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