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Why a Documentation Tab?

We introduced the documentation tab for the following reasons:
  • Consistency across Projects – The #1 feature request from the most dissatisfied users is the need for a consistent place to find documentation across projects.
  • Encourage writing of documentation – We’re hoping that a documentation tab will encourage project owners to write documentation, especially with the help of the Editor role.

What if I already have documentation on my wiki?

If you already had a wiki page titled “Documentation”, we’ve migrated this for you under the Documentation tab.

You can migrate other wiki pages to the Documentation tab by editing the page and clicking on the “move to documentation” link, once you have made your Documentation tab publicly visible (see more on that below). We will move any child pages and any attachments.


How to show System Requirements?

The documentation page now has a section to display System Requirements on the right-hand side.


Why do only some of the projects show a Documentation tab?

We felt it was important to clearly indicate whether a project is providing documentation under this tab. In the event that the project owner isn’t using this tab, we decided to hide the tab from the public. We want to avoid users visiting the documentation tab only to find no content.

What does the Documentation tab look like by default to project owners?

To encourage documentation writing, we indicate to the project owner that the Documentation tab is current hidden and provide suggestions on what should be included in this section.


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