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Using the CodePlex sourcecontrol block for CruiseControl.NET

If you are using CruiseControl.NET for automated builds you may download and use our sourcecontrol block for CodePlex. CruiseControl.NET uses the sourcecontrol block to determine when a change has occurred and to download the latest version of the source code. For more information on CruiseControl.NET read the documentation.

Installing the CodePlex sourcecontrol block

Extract the .zip file into your CruiseControl.NET server folder (i.e. c:\program files\CruiseControl.NET\server). The sourcecontrol block requires the following 3 files:
  • CodePlex.WebServices.Client.dll
  • CodePlex.WebServices.Client.XmlSerializers.dll
  • ccnet.codeplex.plugin.dll
Please Note:
The CodePlex sourcecontrol block requires the Microsoft Visual J# Version 2.0 Redistributable. This is normally installed with Microsoft Visual Studio or can be downloaded and installed from here.

Configuring the CodePlex sourcecontrol block

To use the CodePlex sourcecontrol block you need to add a <sourcecontrol> block to your ccnet.config file.

Example sourcecontrol block:
<sourcecontrol type="codeplex">

The sourcecontrol block can also monitor/download a subset of your source code. Use the projectPath element to specify the path.

Example sourcecontrol block with projectPath:
<sourcecontrol type="codeplex">

Example ccnet.config with CodePlex sourcecontrol block:
            <intervalTrigger seconds="60"/>
        <sourcecontrol type="codeplex">

Configuration Elements:

Node Description Type Required Default
project The name of the project string true null
projectPath The path of the project to monitor/download string false /
workingDirectory The root folder where the latest source will be retrieved from CodePlex string false CCNet project working directory

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