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Here is a summary overview of what each tab is on your project:

Home - You can use this tab to create custom pages of information for your project that your users can read.
Downloads - The releases tab is where you can upload files for your users to download.
Discussions - The discussions tab is where you or your users can leave messages for everyone to read.
Issue Tracker - The issue tracker is where you or your users can enter bug reports or feature requests.
Source Code - This tab is where users can browse or download your source code.
People - This tab lists the people who are part of the project team.
License - Shows users what open source license applies for your project.

The start a project provides more details on how to use all the features of your project.

Source Control

CodePlex supports multiple different source control clients for access to your projects source control features. Instructions on how to use each source control client to access your CodePlex project can be found on the Source Code tab of your project.

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