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Syntax Highlight and Source Code Browser

We just finished deploying the latest version of the CodePlex software today.

Project Directory Search

The Project Directory has a new search UI. Highlights include drilling down on search results either on the tag or the release development status…

simple search UI

searching based on a release’s development status in the advanced search…

Advanced Search Development Status

and the ability to search by license(s) in the advanced search.

Advanced Search License selection

Source Code Browser

We also released the source code browser that can be found in the Source Code tab.

xunit project - source code browser

Happy CodePlex’ing!


Syntax Hightlighting

On Thursday (3/19), we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software. This release focused primarily on various infrastructure improvements to improve performance, especially during peak traffic hours.

During the infrastructure improvements, we were still able to add a couple minor feature enhancements to our syntax highlighting, specifically adding support for PHP and CSS files, as shown below.


PHP file with syntax highlighting 

And from

CSS file with syntax highlighting


Work Item Notifications

Yesterday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software.

Work Item Notifications

As of today, our #2 most requested feature asked for the ability to receive email notifications for work items. Back in April, we introduced the ability to receive email notifications per individual work items. Now, users can subscribe to receive email at the project level.

On the Issue Tracker, you’ll notice the Issue Notification feature in the right nav bar.

Issue Notification

You can opt in to receive email as issues come in or in a daily digest form.

You can also configure your email notifications across all projects when you edit your profile.

Change Email Notifications

Recommended Default Download

All projects now feature a Download Now button on their homepage. This is to help users download software as easily and quickly as possible.

Download Now button

Every release now features a Recommended Download. Pressing the Download Now button will download the Recommended Download for the Default Release.

Recommended Download

To introduce the feature, we selected the most downloaded file per release and marked that as the recommended download. If we got it wrong and you as a project owner want people to download a different file as the recommended download, just edit the Release and choose the right download.

Mark as Recommended option

Special thanks to Ross Turk over at SourceForge for all the advice in how to implement the recommended download concept!


Release Change Sets & Branches/Tags

Associating Change sets to Releases

When you’re editing your release information, you’ll notice a new textbox in the Release Details section that will allow you to add a Change set number.


Just type in a valid change set number from your source control listing, and click the Save button. You’ll notice that when you view your release later, you’ll see that there is now a link pointing directly to that change set.


To complete the cycle, when viewing your list of change sets, we’ll highlight the specific change set and give a link back to the release.


Displaying Mercurial Branches and Tags

With the recent support of Mercurial as a supported source control system, we have realized there are still lots of room for improvement for to host a great experience. Our first of many features to come to directly support Mercurial within CodePlex was the display of branches and tags on the change set listing.


To ensure that existing Mercurial users quickly understood how branches and tags are displayed, we adopted the display you commonly see in VisualHg. Branches are indicated in green, and Tags are indicated in yellow. Furthermore, you’ll also notice that we are not displaying the branch name for each change set, but only when there is a context switch between branches.

When you drill-down into a change set to view files, you will also notice the display of branches and tags. At this level, we will always display a branch so there is no confusion.



Search Project Openings

Fork Actions on Changeset Listing Page

After the recent release of the ability to view a fork’s changeset listing directly within CodePlex, we wanted to make managing forks as easy as possible. With today’s release, all fork actions are now available directly on the changeset listing page. No longer will you need to jump back to the listing of forks to send a pull request, apply/decline a pull request, or even delete a fork.


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