White installation and setting up a C# project to use White

Nov 14, 2009 at 1:34 AM

I downloaded the White release 0.18 and extracted the files into a local folder on my machine. Do I need to run any installer for White?  What are the steps to set up a C# console project to use the White framework in MS Visual Studio? I did the following, but the project doesn't build:

1. Created a Visual C# console Win 32 project in Visual Studio 2008.

2. Copied White.Core.dll, Bricks.dll, Bricks.RuntimeFramework.dll, Castle.Core.dll, Castle.DynamicProxy2.dll, log4net.config, log4net.dll, Xstream.Core.dll into bin\debug directory of my project.

3. Added reference to White.Core.dll in my project.

4. Added "using White;" but build failed.  Also tried "using Core;" but build fails.

I'd appreciate any input.