Logging and Exception Configuration

Aug 8, 2008 at 2:43 PM
Hi All,

I am very new to WebClientSoftwareFactory. I am trying to develop an web application using this framework. Every thing is working file.
At this point, I decided to write my exceptions to a text file. I found some articles in internet saying that, change the configuration settings in the Configuration Application Blocks.
So I downloaded the Enterprise Library and modified the configuration by adding new listeners, categoruSources and also added exception types.

Here I am facing a problem and application not getting loaded.

Environment: Windows XP, WCSF Feb 2008 release, EnterPriseLibrary 4.0 (May 2008 release), VS 2008 + .Net 3.5

What i found in my web.config after configuration changes through "Edit Enterprise Library Configuration" option is
"In the web.config all the Microsoft.Practices.EnterPriseLibrary dll are expecting version". But i have version dlls.

Later i found one more version of Enterprise Library 3.1, and downloaded and installed. Now i am not getting the "Edit Enterprise Library Configuration" option at all as this version of dlls supports only on .Net framework 3.0.

Please help me in this regard.