Customize search core results webPart with sorting and paging

Feb 14, 2012 at 11:16 AM

I am trying to display all the site collection title and description using search core result Web part. Also need to apply the sorting (by title) and paging.


I added a Search result web part into the page and configured it with a web scope in search application. The result displays all the site collection title & description (fixed query “site” applied).


I added a Search Paging web part in to the page. The search results displayed with paging.  Then I customized the XSLT in the Search core result web part to sort the results by title ascending.


Now the Search result applies the sorting (A-Z) page by page. When I am in first page , the results are displayed A-Z. While navigate to 2nd Page , again the results are displayed from A-Z.


This is not expected behavior. I need to sort the entire search result with pagination implemented.  I appreciate any suggestion.