Enterprise Library Application Security Block

May 28, 2008 at 12:52 PM
Dears ,

this is my first time to join CdePlex, and it's my first time to use Enterprise Library, so try to be patient.

i installed Enterprise library 3.1 to use Securit block, i'm using Visual studio 2005, i used the quick start to understand how it's work.

i understand it very well and know how to use most of it's function, but i need help for specific case, it's using DB to save user information and users roles, but for the Rules, it's using the rules saved in the application confiuration file, but what if i want to put my rules in DB even if in a new tables is not in the aspnetdb tables, how i can configure the rule provider to check these rules in the DB.

i appretiate your quick help.