Common file for Ent Appl Blks for different Wcf Services

Jan 4, 2012 at 7:54 AM

Hi All,

I hv to develop 5 different wcf services. And the challenge is all these services need to refer a COMMON web.config when I deploy them to IIS 7. Moreover, I m also implementing Ent Appl Blocks for all these servioces. So, how do I achieve this?

One approach that came in mind: Under the Solution, create one WCF service application & then go on adding different .svc files subsequently. Can this be a right approach? Pls suggest other approaches as well.

Note that every service implements its own Enterprise Appl Blks with different settings. So, Is it possible that all service's Appln Blks store their settings in single web.config? If yes, what are steps/approach?

Pls advice.