Custom Webpart Development in Sharepoint Services 3.0

Aug 31, 2007 at 6:06 AM
Hi All,

Need your help in developing a custom webparts in SharePoint Services.

Need to develop a “Custom Web Part” for a site developed in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

1) It is needed to fetch the data from the Lists available on various Child Sites, and show it as a Grid view in “Custom Web Part” on Parent Site.

2) Grid should have a “Custom Column”, which the user can edit.

3) Every row in the Grid should contain an “edit” column, so that the user can edit the “Custom Column”.

4) The “Custom Web Part” also needs to provide a custom toolpart which will get populated with options user can select, those options again needs to be fetched from a list present in Parent Site.

Developed the “Custom Web Part” in Visual Studio 2005, using Visual Studio Extensions for WSS. The “Custom Web Part” renders a SPGridView object, and the Grid is showing the fields fetched from the lists present in the child sites in textual format.

1) Not able to show data in actual format. For eg. If the List (present on the child site) contains a hyperlink, it is being fetched as a text string in the Grid and not as a hyperlink.

2) How to add the custom field.

3) How to develop the custom toolpart.