Just hoping to see if there will be new updates soon!


there are problems in the formation of formatting, a hard drive, let's say you format the hard drive it goes through without having to have the drive unlocked by formatting a certain way with any operating system disk, there is also a flaw to when say you want to log out of an operating system it does not seem to ask for the Encryption key during a sleeping process on the operating system/computers it's self, if it could have it to where it ask for the Encryption key everytime it may be much better and secure.

Also in future releases if there will be anymore at all hopefully, but if possible even Bios encryption would be great, but like I stated above, when you format a hard drive with the VeraCrypt on it, you can format it then reinstall an operating system and after installing a new operating system the Encryption key can be obtained by deep inspection software, so maybe there should be a way to do a new possible design Encryption which may work as well,


Reaper1337 wrote May 11 at 6:48 AM

I also wanted to mention that, maybe you guys could help with trying to stop certain NSA backdoors by creating a Bios security that won't allow firmware to be messed with possibly to where they won't be able to put back doors in any updates through an operating system, it would be very great if so, I am hoping you guys update real soon, because new decrypt methods by super computers are being used, and on some of the super quantum computers they are able to crack Encryption keys really fast, so I think a discussion should be made on a new kind of encryption that may involve dots and lines maybe a new kind called "connect encryption" just a suggestion due to updated security.