CodePlex sites painfully slow to load


This has been going on for the last week. Tried with different browsers as well.

Every page takes over 10 seconds to load.

Anyone else having this problem?
Closed Jan 23 at 7:44 PM by kedavid
We've updated the site to fix the performance issues. If you see any problems or unexpected behavior, let us know.


muratcakir wrote Jan 22 at 9:47 PM

Yes, same for me. Ridiculously slow. I can't even view discussion topics anymore, just the title, nothing more.

mvermef wrote Jan 22 at 9:49 PM

yes, me as well been like this on an off for sometime now

SeNS wrote Jan 23 at 3:33 PM

Same to me. Administration, please fix ASAP!

oobenoob wrote Jan 23 at 3:41 PM

Seems to be worse today. Some discussion threads are no longer displaying at all.

kedavid wrote Jan 23 at 7:08 PM

We're aware of the slowness and should have a fix today. Sorry for the issues!