Refresh not displaying for MathCaptcha in MVC4 in Chrome


@Html.MathCaptcha("Refresh", "Type answer here", "Answer is a required field.") results in

<a href="#5bae6d3a06854e0aa05d72d62f0180b3" id="5bae6d3a06854e0aa05d72d62f0180b3" onclick="______df410a9a320d49c0b11e35b5ab2a4939________()" style="display:none;">Refresh</a>

If I copy this and change the display to inline it doesn't refresh the Captcha.

The Captcha works - but sometimes some figures can be doubtful at times, so, I'd prefer to let visitors refresh until they feel confident about the figures displayed (or till they can simply arrive at the required result by mental arithmetic - where some sums may be a bit tricky for some visitors).

I will appreciate an explanation on how to get the "Refresh" to display (and then actually refresh) if this is just a counterintuitive default, please.


Alan Holm

Closed Nov 19, 2012 at 10:59 PM by TomCornelius
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