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Append release notes with list of related issues


Issues can be related to releases but other than filtering on that release in the issue tracker there's no way to see what issues are associated with a release.

I think it would be great if we could a) tag an issue with a release (existing functionality) then b) append release notes with a list of those issues (with a hyperlink to the issue).

The appended text should be non-editable (i.e. don't put text into the release notes) and just added below the developer notes for that release. Something like this on the page:


[recommended download]

[other downloads]

[developer notes (editable)]

[related issues: (non-editable]

[list of related issues for this release]

Bonus points for grouping issues based on Type (Issue, Feature, Task)

You can get the same effect by doing an unordered list using the workitem wikilink but that's a manual thing. If we already tag an issue with a release this would remove that manual effort but provide more description around what's been fixed in a release.