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Support post-commit hooks


It would be great if CodePlex could support post-commit hooks that could, for example, be used to send an http request to a continuous integration server to kick off an automated build.
Closed Jun 6, 2013 at 5:32 PM by TomCornelius


justinc wrote Oct 6, 2010 at 10:08 PM

Or supported building on the CodePlex server and always did a build after a commit...

Haacked wrote May 19, 2011 at 6:17 PM

We also want this so we can support AppHarbor/Azure deployments directly from CodePlex. BitBucket has great support for direct AppHarbor deployments and it'd be nice to be able to do the same with CodePlex.

giggio wrote May 1, 2012 at 5:10 AM

This is really important to turn codeplex into a platform.

victorz wrote Jul 9, 2012 at 12:55 AM

Why not do this when its competitors, such as Google Code and SourceForge, support this?

giggio wrote Jul 9, 2012 at 4:33 AM

Github already supports it. And they are big! And why wait for Google Code and SourceForge, to be the last one?