Allow menu items to point to wiki pages.


I would like the ability to point the Downloads and Source Control menu items to a wiki page. Where I as a project coordinator and add addintional information to make sense of each of these tabs.

For instance, the MvcContrib project has two active branches at anytime, the branch that matches the currently release ASP.Net MVC framework and a branch that matches a future release. I would like to have a landing page for downloads which explains this and guides a customer of the project to the correct download.

For the source control tab, I would like to guide the user to the correct place for source control. For instance, we do not host our source in codeplex, we have two branches on GitHub and we upload source to each release and we have our two active branches. Having a wiki page from the source control tab would allow to explain Where to go for a specific branch and can link to the zips of the latest source or point someone who is interested in contributing to our getting started guide.

Thanks, Contact me if you would like more details.

Eric Hexter - MvcContrib