Stability of the TFS Servers is lacking, or maintenance is badly timed for European Users


I'm trying to do some work on one of my projects but sadly, "The Team Foundation Server is currently unavailable. Work Items cannot be accessed at this time." (in this case it's tfs10).
Sadly, this is not the first time this happens, and often it happens during prime time, mostly Saturday Afternoon/Evening (Currently it's 8:50 pm here).

I wonder if anything can be done about this, be it load-balanced/redundant servers, or be it servers on different maintenance schedules.
Looking at the world clock, it's early morning in the US so I guess that it's currently off-peak for you guys, but for me this in the third or fourth time that I can't access a project during my peak time of Saturday afternoon.


hinshelmw wrote May 27, 2009 at 4:17 PM

This will become much easyer to manage with TFS2010... It allows for multiple front end servers, so the Codeplex guys will be able to take servers down without inconveniencing us Europeans :)