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Tagging Projects (yours and others)
Deleting Tags

Tagging Projects (yours and others)

To tag your project or any project:
  • Go to the box marked Your Tags for this Project located near the bottom right corner of a project's homepage.
  • Type in the tag you want to use and click the add button. Note: as you begin typing, a drop down list of popular tags and their usage number will appear.
The newly-created tag will be hyperlinked and reside above the text field. Clicking on it will navigate to a page that shows all of the projects with that particular tag.

Deleting Tags

To delete a tag:
  • Go to a project you've tagged (your project or any CodePlex project).
  • From the project's homepage, go to the box, Your Tags for this Project located in the bottom right section of the project's homepage.
  • The tag(s) will be hyperlinked above the text field along with an x
  • Click the x next to the tag to delete it.

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