Moving CodePlex to read-only

As mentioned in the shutdown announcement, we'll be making CodePlex read-only for a period of time before we change over from the current CodePlex website to the lightweight archive. 

Key takeaway: if you're a project developer or coodinator, ensure you've set the "I've moved" banner using the guidance on the Migrating to GitHub wiki page, as you'll be unable to do so after your project becomes read-only.

Read-only schedule

CodePlex will begin to go read-only the week of November 6th, 2017. 

What read-only means for your project

On Monday, November 6th, we'll begin allowing any logged-in user to migrate a copy of the project elsewhere. This is intended to allow projects that may not have active owners but still have a passionate user base an easy route to GitHub or another host of your choosing.

We'll also begin to disable all write operations on CodePlex: creating and updating issues, creating and editing wiki pages, creating and adding to discussions, committing to source control, etc. This includes setting the "I've moved" banner on your project. This change will roll out on a project-by-project basis; you'll see a banner in your project when it has become read-only.

Prepare your project for read-only

To prepare for read-only, ensure you've set the "I've moved" banner using the guidance on the Migrating to GitHub wiki page, as you'll be unable to do so when your project becomes read-only.

How to migrate your issues

We're still working on a tool that will enable you to export your issues from CodePlex and import them into GitHub. We're collaborating with the GitHub team to ensure that even projects with 100s of issues can be migrated successfully without exceeding GitHub's API rate limits. We hope to have this tool available around or shortly after we go read-only.

What happens after read-only

Please see the shutdown announcement for a full summary. Briefly, CodePlex will transition from its current architecture to a new, lightweight, read-only archive, similar to the Google Code Archive. We plan to host this archive indefinitely, to ensure that the history of CodePlex projects is not lost. The archive will also allow you to download an archive file (e.g. a ZIP or some other compressed format) with a project's code, docs, downloads, issues, and license. We've heard your feedback and are working to try and include discussions in that archive as well.

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