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How to Extract the VSTFClient.img File (Team Explorer 2005)

In this example, we will use the trial version of IsoBuster 1.9 to extract the VSTFClient.img file you downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. If you are using another image file extraction program, the steps you need to follow will likely differ from the ones provided here. However, the process will probably be similar. Refer to the application's Help documentation for additional assistance.

For a list of some popular software applications that can handle .img files, see Obtaining the Team Explorer Client.

To extract the VSTFClient.img file using IsoBuster 1.9
  1. From the IsoBuster user interface, click File, and then select Open Image File.
  2. From Open Image File, browse to the folder where you saved the Team Foundation Client image file (VSTFClient.img), select the file, and then click Open.
  3. From IsoBuster's tree view panel (left side), click the plus symbol next to the red ISO icon for VSTFD1 to expand the node. The NetSetup folder should now be showing.
  4. Right-click the NetSetup folder that you exposed in the previous step, and then click Extract NetSetup.
  5. From the Browse For Folder dialog, browse to the location where you want to extract the setup files, and then click OK. The files are extract to the folder you selected.

Note: Most applications that extract .img files are also designed to create installation disks. If you would like to create an Team Explorer installation disk, refer to the application's Help documentation. Alternatively, you can simply burn the NetSetup folder you just extracted to CD.

To install Team Explorer using the files you just extracted, see Installing Team Explorer.

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