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Change Sets

Associating Change sets to Releases

1. From the project’s Home page, click the Downloads tab.

2. If the release you want to edit is not displayed, look in the Released list, the Planned list, or the Hidden list in the Other Downloads box.

3. From the release details page, click Edit.

4. There will be a textbox in the Release Details section that will allow you to add a Change set number.

Change Set Number

5. Type in a valid change set number from your source control listing

6. click Save.


There should now be a link pointing directly to that change set on the release you edited.

Change Set link

To complete the cycle, when viewing your list of change sets, we’ll highlight the specific change set and give a link back to the release.

Highlighted release


Remove a Change set

Unfortunately, Team Foundation Server does not support deleting a change set. However we can do one of the following:
  • We can delete a file from all change sets if it contains personal identifiable information or security information.
  • We can delete the entire project (including Wiki pages, Releases, Discussions, etc) and then you can recreate the project so it has no change set history at all.

If you would like us to take either of these actions then you can submit a request using our Contact Us form.


Undo Another User's Change set

This can only be done by using the TF.exe command line client. See Source Control Clients for more information on the TF.exe command line client.
Here is a link with instructions on how to undo a checkout of another user: Undoing a checkout that belongs to another user.

Change Set Listing

You can view the listing of files that have been added, modified, or deleted in a particular change set by viewing a diff of the file.


To view a diff:

1. Go to the projects Source Code tab.

2. Select the change set you wish to see the diff of.

Select a change set

3. On the change set’s details page you should see a “view diff” to the right of every edit. Click the “view diff” to see the difference, this will open a new window.

Example diff

The difference engine (DiffPlex) is available as an open source project on CodePlex.

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