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Adding Contributors to Microsoft Projects

Contributors may only be added to a Microsoft Project on CodePlex if such contributors (and their contributions) are within the scope of the approval received for such project under the OSS Approval Process. Contact your Primary LCA Contact, to confirm the scope of your OSS approval, and/or to obtain a new approval for additional project users.

Adding Microsoft Employees to Microsoft Projects

Adding Microsoft employees to Microsoft projects requires that the employee first link their CodePlex user account to their CorpNet account. To link a user account to a CorpNet account, have your user follow these instructions:
  1. Using Internet Explorer, visit from a machine on CorpNet
  2. Click on the "Microsoft CorpNet Login" link to the right
    1. If for some reason you do not see this link, you can go directly to
  3. If prompted for your credentials, please supply your domain credentials
  4. When redirected back to the CodePlex login screen, type your CodePlex username and password and click Sign In
Once they have completed these steps, you can add them as a contributor to your project.

Adding Non-Microsoft Employees to Microsoft Projects

Microsoft projects require explicit approval from your LCA representative to accept 3rd party contributions whether or not the third party is formally added as a project contributor. If you have such LCA approval, then submit your request to add a 3rd party contributor using the CodePlex Support form.

The contributor will be required to sign a contributor agreement before being added to the project. The execution of the contributor agreement process will be handled by the CodePlex support team. Once all of these steps have been completed, you will be able to add the third party as a contributor to your project. Alternative contribution arrangements may be used for your project if you receive approval to do so from LCA and coordinate implementation with the CodePlex team.

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