Unable to open CodePlex controlled project locally

Apr 28, 2007 at 4:59 PM
I have a project hosted here on CodePlex that when I attempt to open my locally stored copy gives me the following message.

"The solution appears to be under source control, but its binding information cannot be found. Because it is not
possible to recover this missing information automatically, the projects whose bindings are missing will be treated as
not under source control."

The only way that I can open this solution and be able to check in/out the files is if I go to Open From SourceControl in the File menu. I have tried deleting the local directory and getting the latest version directly from the TFS but I still have the same problem. Anyone know how I can fix this because having to open directly from the TFS works but is annoying and doesn't allow me to work on anything if I am unable to connect to CodePlex TFS.
Apr 28, 2007 at 7:48 PM
This is, unfortunately, an unavoidable behavior of integrated source control and Visual Studio.

The Visual Studio team places bits of information into your .sln and .??proj files when you bind projects to integrated source control. When someone opens a project with these bits in it and doesn't have access to the server (or doesn't have the proper software installed), they get these messages. This is particularly bad for open source projects, when you can assume most people do not have access to the source control repository.

You can usually use Visual Studio to unbind the source control bits, although at times I've had to hand remove them myself by editing the .sln and .??proj files.

I personally recommend that people either use the Team Explorer source control features without using the integrated stuff (i.e., don't bind to the projects, but instead use Source Control Explorer manually to check out files), or use an alternative client that doesn't do this (like our own CodePlex Client).