3DTools vs content size...

Mar 13, 2007 at 1:37 PM
Hi all, I am new with 3DTools and I think that a great tool!

I just trying to put a StackPanel as content... but my question is how to get the default size for my content? I need to adjust my camera...? Or it the defined positions of my mesh...?

In my StackPanel, I have some controls like Label, TextEdit and Button.

My mesh Positions="-1,-1,0 1,-1,0 1,1,0 -1,1,0"
<PerspectiveCamera Position="0,0,10" LookDirection="0,0,-1"/>
<StackPanel Background="Silver" Width="500" Height="500">
<Label>WPF 3D Test</Label>
<TextBox Text="1234567890" Width="200"></TextBox>
<Button>Click me!</Button>

When I change my StackPanel size, the mesh box keep it size ok, but how to adjust the size of my content?