Create an Ajax control at run time

Mar 6, 2007 at 1:23 PM
How do i create an AJAX CalendarExtender control at run time.
This is what I have & get an error on the RoundedCornersExtender1.BorderColor = "black";
How do I fix this. Please help

RoundedCornersExtender RoundedCornersExtender1 = new RoundedCornersExtender();
RoundedCornersExtender1.TargetControlID = "Panel1";
RoundedCornersExtender1.ID = "RoundedCornersExtender1";
RoundedCornersExtender1.BorderColor = "black";
RoundedCornersExtender1.Corners = "All";
RoundedCornersExtender1.Radius = 5;