Websites with GODADDY cannot be verified by NORTON

Oct 26, 2009 at 9:45 PM

HELP!  I have just logged many hours trying to find a solution to this problem and I've hit a brick wall.  The problem: Symantec requires an auth code to be placed in the root folder of my website (created thru GODADDY.COM) in order to get a green checkmark on my site to ensure that this site is safe as tested by NORTON.  The tech I spoke with at NORTON tells me that it is up to GODADDY to allow access to the site by simply creating a file for the auth code (NORTON has supplied me with the code via e-mail) and inserting this code in my site's root folder.  The GODADDY tech told me that this is not possible.  So...what am I to do?  My site seems to be the only one without the green "site is safe" checkmark.  Instead, my site appears with a gray circle with a question mark that says "SITE UNTESTED."  Where do I go from here?