help with the AtlasControlToolkit!

Feb 13, 2007 at 3:05 PM

I've just started to get into ajax with the above mentioned AtlasControlToolkit, and ms ajax.Net(RC) but I'm having problems find some help and examples for the RC version, all the examples are the CTP versions! so basically I was wondering if any of you guys here may be able to help with a couple of problems (I have also posted on the forum but it seems pretty dead!)

this is to do with assigning behaviours in code. noteably floatingBehavior. I'm having problems assigning said behaviour to dynamically created div's the code is pretty simple so far
//note its not my code just some I'm tinkering with to learn

ID = ID + 1;
var div=document.createElement('div');
div.innerHTML += "content here"; = 'div'+ID;
// Wireup the FloatingBehavior to the new div
var floatingBehavior = new AjaxControlToolkit.FloatingBehavior(;
// Attach the behavior (doing so sets the equivalent of TargetControlID)
var ctrl = new Sys.UI.Control(ctrl);

returns error "value must be a dom element". the help files aren't really helpful cos as far as I can I'm passing it a dom element (the element does exist on the page). Even when i try to assign it to an element already on the page the same error occurs!

any ideas ??