MP3 decoder project manager

Sep 13, 2009 at 11:55 AM

This is an invitation to anyone who wants to run a project for an MP3 decoder.

I think it's the first decoder with a managed interface for use with VB and C#. Rather than just posting it someplace such as Code Project, I wondered if anyone here would want to pick it up to make it something special.

The existing code is fully functional, fast, and produces accurate output. It's a mixed mode dll with full Intellisense comments.

Real Mad is based on the well engineered MP3 Audio Decoder (MAD) under the original viral GPL license. I made these changes: porting from C to C++, floating point instead of the original fixed point reals (improves performance), addition of analysis functions plus the managed wrapper, and refactoring.

Further work includes:

  • Parsing ID3 tags, etc.
  • More transparency in the math, particularly in the transforms.
  • An interface for a frequency analyzer/equalizer.
  • Decode a file by reading it in chunks.
  • A really good dither/noise shape option.
  • A thorough conformance test.
  • Other pairs of eyes will pick up performance improvements, etc.

You would get total ownership, subject only to the license. I will be around to help, but don’t have the time to run a project.

I have a C# demo that uses the library to analyze a file, save it to a WAVE file or play it in DirectSound, and will post the binaries if someone can tell me how. I can include a Word document about the managed interface.

I will post the (VS9) source for proof of ownership, but only if there is some way to send it privately to a moderator - I don't want some other site picking it up and making a mess.