Not able to UnPin/UnDock the ContentPanes of XamDockManager

Aug 25, 2009 at 6:19 AM


if we have sample code as below in a PRISM/CAL application.The below code is just a outline of the xaml.




<SplitPane x:Name="MySplitPane">

            <ContentPane x:Name="MyContentPane" Header="SampleContent">

                        <ItemsControl />






This UserControl is resolved by a region in PRISM Application and is to the right side of the screen,let us say that the ContentPane is unPinned and the ContentPane is docked to the left side of the screen with header "SampleContent". Now i want to undock this ContentPane Dynamically when an event fires lets say in Button1_Click. Iam trying this by setting the "IsPinned" property to true but the ContentPane is not being Pinned even though the IsPinned Property is set to true.Please suggest me a way to do this....