Need verification regarding dynamically created Page names

Oct 21, 2015 at 5:11 PM

This is Gokul. I am new to Orchard.
I am having Registration page in my WebApplication. When user registered successfully then I need to redirect to Login Page. It is possible for me when the User click on login page and then clicks on Register. But when the user directly goes to Registration page by entering the URL then how will I redirect to Login Page.

Note: Not Orchard default Login and Registration.

For example: I have created one custom Login Page and Registration page using Create new page in Dashboard and named as login and registration. I have one registration button in the login page when the user clicks on that button then it will redirects to the Registration Page. Once the registration is successful then I will redirects the user to the Login page. For this I need the page name which I have created in the Orchard. This will helps me to redirects to the Login page.