Sharepoint Web Application Settings Page?

Jun 29, 2009 at 4:10 PM


To cut long story short.

I'm trying to create a web-application level feature. 

Thing is, the feature needs to be configured individually for each web application it's activated at.
My approach is to create a "farm level" feature upon which the "webapp level feature" will depend.
When the farm level feature is activated, it adds a link to the "Central Admin -> Application Settings" page which is supposed to take to my feature settings page.
( I achieved it easily from my xml definition files...)

My question is: 
Is there any common practise, a template or even a base class I can inherit in order to create that settings page?
I need the page to behave like any other standard application settings pages, that is to contain the standard layout, especially the WebApplication selector on top of the page. So if there is any kind of known template/method for that I'd be more then relieved...
Otherwise, it's getting messy, and creating a full aspx page from scratch?

Thanks :)