Facebook application - Writing to news feed/Walls

Jun 22, 2009 at 8:21 AM

Hi Friends, I would require a help from somebody, who have developed/worked with creating application in Facebook. I have developed and registered an application in Facebook. Everything is working fine, but when i try to write something on my News Feeds or my friends news feeds, its not happening.
I am also trying to send a Notification, and it is working fine. But, writing to News Feeds and Wall is not working.
I am calling the API to write to News Feeds, it is returning the status as "True", which means, it is internally happening, but actually not writing to News Feeds, that is not working. I have used the methods, PublishUserAction, PublishTemplatizedAction, PublishMiniFeedStory and other methods, but none of them is writing to my news feeds.
We have developed the application using asp.net with C# as the code behind.
Please help us in resolving this issue, please share your ideas or suggestions.
Thanks in Advance!