Slow Mount Times

Dec 31, 2014 at 9:18 PM
I just recently started using VeraCrypt on my Linux system a few days ago after having using TrueCrypt for years. Vera Crypt seems a lttlr more stable than TrueCrypr, but has a few annoyances as well.

When I am mounting a volume and there is an error in the password, VeraCrypt seems to take an unusually long to respond, sometimes up to two minutes. It is extremely frustrating to have to wait on authenication while you are in a hurry, when the program should be able to determine the situation very quickly, at least TrueCrypt has been able to do so. Is there any way to speed up the mounting process to a more reasonable few seconds?

After a password failure, VeraCryprt tends to hang and does respond and has to be killes
Jan 15, 2015 at 2:49 AM
I have just swapped from TrueCrypt to VeraCrypt and I am experiencing the same slowness - even when you do enter the correct password! And the problem gets even worse when you are trying to mount 3 favourite volumes! Never had this issue with TrueCrypt in all the years I had been using it.... So I do hope that VeraCrypt will sort the problem and make mounting volumes as quick and easy as it was with TrueCrypt;-)
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