Subscription emails full of font tags?

May 19, 2009 at 7:26 AM

Recently (over the last few weeks - probably coinciding with the introduction of the new editor, but I'm not sure), the emails sent for my new posts subscription here are commonly littered with <font> HTML tags. This usually happens in color-coded XAML and C# code (I hang out mostly in the WPF forum) and makes the code extremely difficult to read. Case in point, from thread 56699 (one out of many):

** cut **

I am trying to implement a date validation against the field of datepicker. My validator works fine for Textbox by adding the following code <font size="2" color="#0000ff"><font size="2" color="#0000ff">
</font></font><font size="2" color="#0000ff">
<Binding Path="fieldName" UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged" Source="{StaticResource myVal}"><font size="2" color="#0000ff"><font size="2" color="#0000ff">
</font></font><font size="2" color="#0000ff">
<font size="2" color="#a31515"><font size="2" color="#a31515">
</font></font><font size="2" color="#a31515">
** cut (it goes on like the above) **

Trying to dig through the mixture of HTML and XAML can range from mildly annoying to outright ruining the semantics of the code. Of course the same goes for C#, although there, it's usually easier to see at a glance what is supposed to be in the code and what isn't. I'm using Outlook 2007 SP1 as my MUA and the messages do show up formatted, so it seems like this extraneous HTML is actually in the message body and not intended as formatting markup.

Has anyone else run into this?

May 24, 2009 at 6:02 PM

Hi mikj,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We'll look into fixing it for a future release.