Controlling which labels are displayed

May 9, 2009 at 5:45 PM

I'm afraid I'm a little lost displaying labels.  I'm on build 84; I recall that in earlier builds there were columns for primary and secondary labels, but now I don't see any of them any more; I was expecting to see them under "Visual Properties".

Here's what I'm trying to do: I'd like to basically only show the nodes as shapes, but I want to have the secondary labels for nodes which meet some criterion, e.g. Degree > N. I presumably have to put in a conditional formula somewhere; in the What to Show column seems the likely place, but how do I output a secondary (rather than a primary) label, and how to I retain the shape as well?

Part of the issue is that when I change choices in Autofill Columns, I no longer know where to go to delete labels I no longer want to display.

Presumably I should be using the What to Show column, but that only gives a choice between Shape, Image and Primary Label; where do I control Secondary Label?

thank you!