Please don't just say "Upgrade"

May 5, 2009 at 7:16 PM
I am running version 1.2 and have run into a snag.  Apparently I inherited a blog where the admin account was removed  (instead of changing the password and keeping it active for administrative purposes.  But now, the only admin on the site accidentally turned himself into an editor.  :|

So, I copied his username to the Administrators section of roles.xml...i was sure to also leave it in the Editors section.  However when he logs in he is still missing some of the administravtive links along the left-hand side of the screen (ability to add/modify users, etc...)

I then went ahead and tried to add an Admin back for myself.  I copied a user from users.xml and gave it a new username and password.  Then I went into roles.xml and made sure "Admin" was in the same two sections (Editors and Administrators).  However, i cannot log in with this account at all.

What am I missing?  is there something stored in the DB somewhere that I have to update or another file I need to modify.

Again, please don't say upgrade or re-install as I am just trying to get this up and working again and THEN will upgrade to the most current version.

thanks in advance for any thoughts!