optimization for gems

Apr 21, 2009 at 3:59 PM
first of all i would like to say i just started using rawr yesterday and it is absolutly amazing! i have an enhance shaman and everything worked perfectly fine for me. armory pulled up my toon instantly with no discrepancies and all the info was great! one thing that i noticed and isnt even really a problm it just takes some simple math and a little extra time but ill give you the senario. i had a few items in my bags that i though not to be upgrades but with some regemming i was able to reach the exp. and hit cap once again by running the optimizer. so i went in game and changed everything around...came back to the optimizer and ran it again. this time it gave different gems to upgrade to. so i double checked and and the optimizer just switched out some of my accurate monach topaz with presice scarlet ruby and rigid automs glow. so changing gems but overall giving the same stats still. i have never wrote cpu code or anything of that sort so what i was wondering is that once you optimize your gear to highest value using the optimizer can it tell you that your gear has been optimized? such as if it gives the same dps score as what you already have equipped? instead of just switching multiple gems around into different locations on your gear but still giving the same effect? one more question if you could : ) none of my gear changed in this just the meta gem and a couple socketed gems..... my highest dps score included using the chaotic sky diamond im sorry i forget the full name on that one but it requires 1 blue 1 red and 1 yellow gem so i selected meet gem requirments before optimizing and it matched everything just fine but it gave a higher dps than using swift sky diamond which allowed me to use 1 red and 2 yellow gems making me hit and exp. capped while getting the meta bonus. with the highest dps chaotic diamond i was 26 hit under hit cap because it used a 24 stam 8 hit gem for the blue and replaced some accurate monarch topaz to precise scarlet ruby to keep me at least exp. capped. while using the blue gem i also gained a socket bonus of +6 crit rating. so i guess what im asking is does(im sure it does it just dosnt seem right) rawr take into account possible misses you may incur which would ultimatly drop your dps or is the dps increase from the new diamond and socket bonus that much more that the misses wont matter? thank you and im sorry if these are really nubbish questions but i would like to bask in your vast knowledge : p thanks again for the great program!
Apr 23, 2009 at 9:41 PM
Edited Apr 23, 2009 at 9:43 PM
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