Tooltip as a trigger on DataGrid.

Mar 26, 2009 at 5:13 PM

I want a tooltip to appear on my datagrid cell as trigger. My XAML code at the moment looks like

<wpftk:DataGrid Name="dgMatrix" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=CollectionOfCollection}" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
                                RowHeight="28"  EnableColumnVirtualization="True" EnableRowVirtualization="True"
                                HeadersVisibility="None" VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Auto" HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto" />

And my code behind where I generate my datagrid is as below

       private void PopulateTheDataGrid()
            for (int iLoop = 0; iLoop < columnCount; iLoop++)
                DataGridColumn dtxc = new Microsoft.Windows.Controls.DataGridTextColumn
                                                Width = 56,
                                                Binding = new Binding(string.Format("[{0}].Value", iLoop))                                               

My data source is a Collection of a Collection, containing my objects. Just like a matrix. Say, I have a call R then my dataset is List<List<R>>.

Thanks in advance,