Sharepoint 2007, alternative content for logged in users

Feb 6, 2009 at 1:31 PM
We have a scenario on a forms authentication website based on Sharepoint 2007...

We have a welcome page which allows anonymous user's to access it. Other parts of the site are restricted to certain user groups. What we want to do is display a different welcome page of content if the user is logged in, either by a redirect to an alternative page or by displaying the content on the same page (and hiding the default content). The default welcome page has been setup to allow anonymous user's to access it (read) and this is done within the target audience where we have set the audience to "All Site User's" (which holds a role which allows anonymous user's read rights to this page). Annoyingly, if you add a further content editor web part to the default welcome page and change it's target audience to the group which represents logged in users (i.e. only be visible to users who are logged in) and it forces anyone who is not logged in to do so in order to view the page. So it there fore restricts our open page to people in that group we set in the target audience for the second content webpart.

I wonder if there is a way round this? Is there a way to redirect logged in user's to an alternative page and keep anonymous users on the default one?

Your help would be appreciated!