ERROR 0x80240437 Installing or Updating Apps From Store

Sep 4, 2013 at 7:08 PM
I just went through a 2 hour session with MS Tech Support, they could not find a problem on my PC for this error. They have no idea what happened except to say that an update from their Windows Update corrupted a Registry Entry and they can't find it no matter what they try. So the only solution they state is to uninstall the operating system and start all over.

Now as a Microsoft supporter, beta tester, and an owner of a computer company that provides tech support for its clients I shall spell out what this means.

Even if you re-install the Win 8 OS this can happen again after an update from Microsoft and the only solution is to re-install the OS again, and again when it happens and again and so on. I never ever thought I would say this about a Microsoft OS but Windows 8 with the Store and Apps is absolutely worthless. I have now seen this happen on newly built PCs with Windows 8 just a day or two old, after running Windows updates. Microsoft has unleashed an OS that is not ready for prime time in business or personal use. What a sham they have perpetrated on the public. Their OS code is not ready to compete with Apple's by any measure. They really need to buy back all the Windows 8 installations from all users as this problem will effect every user. I am seeing it too often, on new laptops, and new builds that we do here. My advice after being a Microsoft supporter since 1992 is buy this lousy product at your own peril. I warned you, if you think you are smarter than me, disregard what I say and buy this piece of garbage and suffer. I am an MS Partner and I am telling you Windows 8 is lousy and so is support for it.