Row level security with View (SQL) and how to model in Entity Frame work

Dec 31, 2012 at 1:45 PM


i have problem in this senario :

I have Sql server database 2008 R2 ,
Entity FrameWork 4 with ModelFirst approach
project : PM software with GIS

beacuse security we decided that security of system implemented with RLS(Row level Security ) on server side (DBMS) , i mean with Schema and View on Sql only Record's of views showed up for valid user ,
and for Views in SQL don't have relation to other views
" for example tables that we connect their relation wity PK and FK "

when i generate EF model from database only i add views in the Model
so , i corrected Name Of Views with polorilize , change Updatableview Confige for any view that supported as well as Table ,
and by hand i connect all relation between entities that made up of views
by Navigation panel and association Tool

what's the problem :
beacuse i created all relation in EDM between entitys and thease not exsit in between of views
any time i change fileds,views , name of views , schema of view and important of them New Views with New Schema and ,...
when I update model by EF EDm (ModelFirst)
all of older entities crashed ,
all of realation between entities damaged
, and all change not returned

note :
for speed , security and distributed business of system
we tryed all proccess and all calculation on server sidee

plaese Help me....

King Regard

DOT NET Developer
Ali Sarshogh . Iran country.Isfahan City
Chief IT/MIS