MOSS Holiday Request

Dec 16, 2008 at 10:51 AM
Hi guys, first post!

What I trying to do is to have a list, that when you create a new item, it will ask for details on your holiday. (I have found very little info on this kind of solution!)

Basically, a workflow is kicked off, the manager is asked to approve, or reject the holiday, then if approved an email is sent to the employee stating how many days left (which is from another list), and an item added to the calendar.

A field calculates how many days have been requested for leave, and then this number is taken off the total holidays remaining.

This field is a calculation. I need to take off Saturdays and Sundays from this total. I also have a check box to state if the one day is a half day.

This is the code in the calculation field. I want it to check if the half day box is checked, and if so then the days off equals 0.5, else it will calculate the days between the start and end.

=IF([Half Day?]=TRUE,"0.5",(DATEDIF([Start Date of Holiday],[End Date of Holiday],"D"))-INT(DATEDIF([Start Date of Holiday],[End Date of Holiday],"D")/7)*2-IF((WEEKDAY([End Date of Holiday])-WEEKDAY([Start Date of Holiday]))<0,2,0)+1)

this seems to work, as in it doesn't throw up any errors when OKing, but now the workflow wont begin. It just says an error has occurred.

I would really appreciate some help on this,

Thank you

Dec 16, 2008 at 7:31 PM
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