Custom List field definition is not getting updated

Nov 24, 2008 at 8:58 PM

I have a custom list similar to Document library created in my website and it is used heavily on sub sites with assets associated with it. I added another field to it and if I create a brand new list and associate assets the field appears and I can set the values to it. But if I try to add an asset to the existing list, the field does not show up. If I edit the properties of this list, I can see the field, but neither does it show up when I try to add another assets to the list or view or edit the properties of the asset. Why is this? How can I push this new field to all the assets associated with this list? Is there anything similar to gl-propagatecontenttype? I tried using gl-updatelistfield, but this seems to work only for one list and its assets. But because I have many subsites which contain this list with assets, is there a simple way to propagate the changes? Any help would be appreciated.