New Biztalk 2009 solution

Nov 21, 2012 at 8:57 AM

Dear all,

I need one Biztalk solution which will perform these below. It can have 2 projects inside and will call DB stored procedures Upd_status0, Upd_status respectively.
1. in Upd_status0, do an insert by also capturing the current path and filename of the input Flat file, into TabB table and return an integer that is the para_ID of the current record, from Upd_status0
2. call Upd_status, which will then choose the relevant input Flat file from (1), and further load such Flat file into TabA
3. within Upd_status, it will update the record inserted in (1) with a remark like 'Finished fine' using the para_ID returned from Upd_status0

Many Thanks & Best Regards,