Community help with a codplex projects license agreement

Oct 24, 2008 at 10:56 PM


I just wanted to raise some issues that potentially surround a project.  Host in CodePlex (Velodoc Add in -

I am hoping that others who use this project and CodePlex can assist me as the licensing details around this project are currently very fuzzy for me and has created a lot of confusion.

It was my understanding that projects uploaded and hosted by CodePlex are covered only by the Microsoft Public License agreement and cannot be further covered by another agreement such as GPL - is this correct?

This project seems to have up to three licenses covering it - Microsoft Public License, GPL and the Memba Outlook EULA and there seems to be some contradictions between each license and the developer of the project is providing fuzzy answers back to questions.

Here is my main question, if we use this project and modify the source code a little to change some of the end user interface to better fit our workflow, what are we bound by? 


We have no problem uploading our changes to a publicly accessible IP as stated by the GPL but are we bound to send out a copy of the source code with each velodoc file as Outlook EULA states (part of the installer for the outlook add in)? 


 If so this project is useless in GPL mode as it means that every file upload by the outlook add in requires the source code to be include which makes it pointless to use.  As an example I send several files to a colleague and they receive the files that I sent and the full source code.  The inclusion of the source code is confusing to non-developers and wastes bandwidth.

The project rocks but the implementation of the licensing is another thing and the developers seems to have lost sight of the true essence of open source projects.

The following is the blurb from the Outlook EULA which I am not sure can apply

"The GPL license which is free but requires that you do not distribute (including access or display on the Internet) to people outside your organization, without giving Memba credit and without providing the source code. Since a Velodoc package is a copyrighted file format covered by the license and since you may send a Velodoc package outside your organization, the GPL license requires that you also send the source code. Note that developers can freely use the GPL license for any deployment in their development environment."

Thoughts and comments?


Oct 31, 2008 at 4:40 PM

In order to get support around a project's license, you must contact the project owners/developers. These are the people who set the license, and they are the best source of information on how it may be applied. You could also seek legal assistance to help you interpret the license terms. We at CodePlex cannot provide this assistance.

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Nov 28, 2008 at 1:48 PM
The discusssion continues here.