Developing Location Manager with Sharp Developer

Jan 18, 2007 at 4:16 AM
I want to develop a Location manager for a colloge. Basically the system must be capable to add a location into a map and then identify the presence of the person or plavce. All the required data is stored in MSSQL 2005 Database and i want to use SharpMap for Storing and Displaying the map of the College Campus.

What i want to know is,..
1. can we develop this application with SharpMap easily?
2. Is there any technical Constrains that can cause project failure?
3. SharpMap has enough functionalities do deal with the Creating a Dynamic Map? Means i whant to add a location into a map runtime. so is it possible to do so?

Please help me as i am new to all GIS and all this.
Thanks in advance.