how I can solve the problem version for an application developed in the first time with webgui 6.1.3 and after the webgui version 6.1.4

Sep 26, 2008 at 11:29 AM
I started to develop my application with the WebGui version 6.1.3, after I uninstall this version, and I installed the latest version 6.1.4, with what I continue to develop my application, that certainly I have some problems, which I believe are due to the new version.
The first problem: there are not passing event for controls
The second problem: the themes that I did not it work well
The Third problem: when I created a new application with version 6.1.4, it agreed not control in the config file Web.config <Control Type = "Gizmox.WebGUI.Forms.Charts.Chart, Gizmox.WebGUI.Forms . Charts "/>

Please if you can help me, I want to know how to remedy these problems, it is caused by the assembled version 6.1.3 that are not compataibles with version 6.1.4?
I await your response if you have a solution!